YES!!!! You did it. Congrats on taking the big step and investing in your future through strategy sessions with me. I look forward to watching all the awesomeness you will create.
There are a few things to do so we can get started powerfully (I will send you this in an E-mail too!):
– Fill out the new client form here <Link>
– Join the private Omni Manifest community here: <>
– Set a reminder in you calendar that every second Saturday we will have a group call. It would be great to have you there live and if you cant make it….its all good. We will send you a recording.
– Save this E-mail address in your safe address book so that you don’t miss any emails form me.
– Lets get started!!!!! Be in action and book your first session here.
Thank you so much for taking initiative to create an awesome life. I look forward to speaking with you soon.