Imagine a life…

  • so filled with clarity you never doubt your ability to go for what you desire

  • surrounded by the people and things you love, filled with dreams and prosperity

  • where you speak your dreams into reality

  • where you are excited to wake up and manifest your desires

Allow me to share with you the A Team.

A mastermind filled with conscious creators who are ready to take action, take the next step into their abundance and create the life they desire

This 12-month Mastermind is structured with:

12 Engaging Modules diving deep into the A Team concepts/principles
Monthly Group Coaching Calls
A Private Members area
Live Group Q and A calls for laser focused support
Weekly Call to Manifestation
12 Engaging Guidebooks to keep you on track and moving towards your dreams
You will manifest your desires faster and more easily than you ever believed possible. You will draw in your tribe and be supported by your fellow Mastermind members. You will finally live the life you have always desired and deserved.

This is your reality if you enroll in the A Team Mastermind.

The A+ Team Mastermind will teach you how to create:


Clarity in your thoughts, beliefs, desires, actions and the ability to figure out exactly what you want so you can create it in your life


Learn how to voice your desires and fully express yourself, so you can speak your strongest manifesting language


Trouble shoot your roadblocks and obstacles and recover from challenges faster


Step into you power and be seen as the person you want to be

Authentic Self

Figure out who you really are so you can create powerfully from your truth and core beliefs


Manifest your soul mate and dream relationships with the important people in your life

Attuned Frequency

Tap into the “Vortex” and increase your vibrational frequency to manifest faster and more easily

A Team

Create your own board of directors to support you, cheer you on, and be your biggest and loudest fans


Dare to dream bigger, bolder, more courageous and ask for what you want, knowing it is yours to have


How to create momentum and forward motion in your work, so that you can elevate your place in the world


Take massive positive action in your life at all times and learn to laser focus your skills


Financial prosperity spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally

The A+ Team is different from any other manifestation group you have ever seen. You will constantly be engaged with the materials, create deeper and more meaningful conversations. Surround yourself with a manifesting family who believes in you and supports your growth and awareness.

I can say this because here is what my clients have to say about working with me:

I have been coached by Latha for over 4 years. She has been a big base in my life. When I met her I was coming out of a challenging relationship and she gave me the type of support and encouragement that no one else could. She gave me sincere and pure advice and taught me a new way of thinking. Since then I have opened myself and have been able to be authentic about what I really wanted for my life. I now have everything I have actually ever really wanted. I have a successful relationship, I feel strong professionally, I am happy and full of life and every step I take it is with confidence. My overall health has also blossomed and I feel strong and full of energy. Before I met Latha I had all the elements to be happy but yet I was not. I sincerely recommend working with her.

Antonio M

Professional Modern Dancer

Latha is an incredible soul, full of love and wisdom, whose warmth and powerful presence are felt immediately by those around her. The incredible life she has manifested for herself, full of love, partnership, fulfillment and joy, is a testament to her ability to live life fully, and she is passionate about helping others to find within themselves what they seek in order to maximize their life as well. Latha has mastered the perfect balance of professionalism and a genuine, down-to-earth demeanor, allowing her to connect with all who are blessed to cross her path. It is an honor and a gift to have her in my life.

Becca K

Business Owner,

If you love to work with people that don’t let you “step over” anything, you’ll love working with Latha. Don’t let her gentle, graceful demeanor fool you into thinking you can be a slacker around her; she’s rigorous. I’ve never experienced such a deep feeling of love and support while someone called me out on my shit or gently asked “by when” I’d have something done. You won’t be complaining without creating a solution and structure with Latha. You won’t be babbling about great ideas without a plan and deadline.

She’ll hear you. Deeply. She’ll see your soul and all the possibilities you hold. She’ll call you forth and help you make it happen. You’ll probably end up loving her like a sister. I do.

Heidi W.

Copywriter and Public Relations Specialist ,

Latha has been a support in my life for many years. She has brought new and interesting ideas, ways of thinking and programs into my life. My life has changed drastically since I met her. I once was a burned out medical resident most likely headed into a dark place. I now see life differently and as a result it is different for me. I am happily married and feel truly fulfilled by my career in which I get to save lives on a daily basis. I now declare the way my life goes and am able to see possibilities everywhere.

Jess P.


I started working with Latha because I had health concerns and my life was not going as I wanted it to. As soon as we started working together I noticed so many other areas of my life start to improve beyond my health. It was amazing because it didn’t feel like hard work but I was seeing so many results. I had more energy and my skin is glowing, I feel absolutely empowered and beautiful. I want to share my experience with everyone because I really felt that Latha really cared for me and really wanted what was best for me. Every conversation we had felt like I was talking with a dear friend. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.

Elise F.

Network Sales Associate

Over the past year my life has changed dramatically. Latha taught me a new way to see life. She has encouraged me to be more and do more. Just over the past few months I was able to sign with a new modeling agency and have become SAG card eligible. Looking back I really cant believe this much good is happening in my life and I am staying focused and putting the work in to make these opportunities come to life. I never would have known how to do this without Latha. She taught me new things that have made my life easier and less stressful.

Sinardo L

Actor and Model

Latha is a truly committed, compassionate and insightful professional. I can’t speak highly enough of her and I’m deeply grateful for our association.

Sylvie R

Director and Producer,

Today I got another check in the mail. I used to stress that I didnt have enough money. And I was always speaking into existence that Im broke….I even jokingly names myself chairman of the Broke Teachers Association (BTA), Through her coaching, Latha, I was able to change my thoughts from not having money to “Money is continuously coming to me”. Now, I’m paying my own tuition for school instead of taking out loans and just the other day my tuition bill was due. Instead of stressing I worked on my mindset and stayed calm knowing the money was already mine. I then found out that I’m getting a totally unexpected bonus from work, which is almost unheard of in education! Its so comforting knowing money will come and I am so glad Latha was there to support me over the past year.

Nicole W

I created this program for seekers just like you, who are ready to have what they want and are prepared to do what it takes to manifest everything they have ever dreamed of or desired. You’re ready to invest in yourself and your dreams.

With this program you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars on audios you won’t listen to.  Buy books you won’t read.  Spend hours in quiet contemplation. Navigate confusing terms and go at it all alone. You will be supported and have a group you can count on, while learning easy to absorb life empowering material.

The A+ Team investment is $9400 paid in full (a savings of $2364) or 12 payments of $897 and a $1000 Energetic deposit (total cost $11,764)

Openings left for the person ready to commit to the life they desire.

I am confident the universe is holding a space for you, are you ready to take action?


What results have others gotten from this year long program?
Results have been incredible!!! I have clients who have left their jobs in corporate America to start their own business, people who have found the love of their lives, people starting families, releasing excess weight, making a SHIZTON more money, finding their dream home, finding satisfaction and fulfillment in life……and so many other things. Check out the testimonials.
How many hours a week do I need to dedicate to the material?
The course material videos and lessons are less than 90 min a month. They are purposely created this way to be the most effective and easy to watch and learn from. The workbooks take a different amount of time for everyone and it depends on how fast you work (average is 2 hours). There are also monthly Q&A calls that last about an hour. Bonus material such as meditations or bonus videos vary in time. Overall this course is specifically designed to be easy so you can fit it in to your schedule and life. Latha is very accessible through the Facebook group and the calls and fully supports you.
Are results guaranteed?
Results are completely dependent on you doing the work and committing to the process. Results are not guaranteed.
What is the Refund policy?
We have a 30-day do the work refund policy. In the first 30 days if you have done all the work in the program (including assignments and group posts) and are not satisfied, let us know and we will issue you a full refund. Past 30 days no refunds can be issued.
How long will I have access to the course materials?
You have lifetime access to the course material. With that said, this is an active, action packed course. You really want to be moving through the course material each month.
What if I fall behind on course material?

Life happens and some times we need a little more time. I get it. You get an additional 2 months of the mastermind that you can use at anytime (12 modules that your have 14 months to directly access and lifetime access by download). Payments still need to be made on schedule.

Can I purchase one on one sessions with you separate from the package?

No. The only one one one sessions with me are through the course packages.

Pay in full bonus:

1/2 Day VIP with me in person or virtually
4 30 minute 1:1 calls with Me!  We will focus in on your dreams and desires and create a plan together. ($900 value)
High Vibrational Eating Plan to increase your energy and body love. ($420)
Positive Vibration T-shirt ($30)
Meditation MP3 Library ($320)
2 Free tickets to ALL my live events hosted in the next 14 months ($3000)
Lifetime access to the course materials as long as your membership is in good standing (Priceless)
Special Members only pricing to any new programs I release.
Total bonus value $4670
Your investment today:

$9400 Paid in Full or 12 Payments of $897 with a $1000 spiritual deposit today.