Everything that is in your life has been created by your thoughts. Thus everything is a manifestation of your thoughts. Thats the short answer.

Whether you find an item on sale or if you’re inspired to purchase an item at full price or if you’re gifted an item, all of these is a creation from your thoughts. Everything originated in your thoughts.

It doesn’t matter whether you consciously think about it or not. The subconscious is manifesting 24/7.

Doing something 24/7We are all master manifestors.

So what about bad situatons? Situations that you would not want to happen? What about those? Do people manifest those situations?

This is something that people hate to hear about. Everything in one’s life is created by that person‘s thoughts. It starts from when your first sparked into life.

Hopefully people can look past the variables of any situation and see how truly empowering this is as if a person creates a reality that is not what they want they have the power to create a reality that they absolutely love, desire and deserve. Yes, we are all master manifestors. Incredibly powerful, some of us don’t realize it.

Let me also add that one’s surroundings can influence a persons thoughts. This is the same thing in utero as well. The major overlying thoughts that surround the child and the thoughts of the mother do influence the life of the child. Up until the point that the child realizes they have control over their own thoughts and their own life.

People that are born into poverty or difficult situations are often considered to be advanced souls. They come into this lifetime looking to experience and accomplish greatness and they are so advanced that they take on the challenge of coming in in a different situation. Issue is that once here on earth people allow other thoughts and ideas to penetrate their minds and start to believe that they cannot do certain things or they cannot be anything they desire. When this happens it’s a trap and they get stuck in a cycle. Many Souls that choose to be born into a situation like this want to take on the challenge and desire to remember how they are pure light and that they can create anything in their life.

So are people NOT born into poverty or difficult situations (in other words.. life flowed for them) not advanced souls then?

they can be, it’s a choice when you decide to come experience life on earth.

It’s like choosing to play a video game that you have played before and unlocked to level 3…. you can come in at level one or two if you choose, only once you have unlocked 3 levels can you try level 4. You can be an advanced video game player in either. Only advanced players are able to join at advanced levels.

so I guess you don’t believe in death being final on earth huh?

it’s final for this round, for this physical form. Matter and energy can not be created or destroyed, it’s been proven repeatedly in science. Matter and energy can only change forms. Like an ice cube melting into water. The water being heated and evaporating.

We are all empowered souls having a human experience, rather than human trying to achieve a spiritual experience. We all have experiences manifested consciously or not to allow us to grow and unfold into who we really are.